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Thank you for taking a moment to visit our web page.  We're glad you're here, and we are ready to assist you with all your mortgage, debt consolidation, and credit repair needs.  Chris Friesen - Mortgage Intelligence was developed with one goal in mind...


To solve problems.


We offer the full range of services that all Mortgage Brokers do, whether that's arranging a mortgage for a First Time Home Buyer, or for an Investment Property, Mortgage Refinancing to reduce your interest rate, or Debt Consolidation into your mortgage.  We offer First, Second and Third Mortgages


What sets us apart from the competition, is our unique range of options for the more difficult situations, which may include :


                 - First Mortgages / Second Mortgages / Third Mortgages

                 - Debt Consolidation including : CRA Tax Debt, Consumer Proposals, Property Tax Arrears, Mortgage Payment Arrears

                 - Bad Credit Mortgages / No Credit Mortgages

                 - Self Employed Mortgages - Cannot prove income

                 - Paying off High Interest Creditors like Payday Loans, Second Mortgages, Store Financing ie : Easy/Citi etc

                 - Short Term mortgage loans for investment properties

                 - Consolidating Credit Cards, Loans, Lines of Credit into one manageable payment

                 - Interest Only mortgages to free up cash flow

                 - Solving Power of Sale and Foreclosure problems

                 - The Bank, Credit Union, or another Mortgage Broker turned you down


Do any of these situations look like yours?

Whether you have perfect credit, or have serious credit issues, we can help.


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