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First time home buyers

Purchasing a Home &
First Time Home Buyers

Congratulations on taking the exciting step of purchasing a home!


Recognizing that a home is your most significant investment, careful planning and assembling the right team are essential for a successful purchase.

Throughout this journey, you'll encounter various professionals, and with our extensive 15 years of Mortgage Lending Experience, we can connect you with experts who prioritize your best interests, ensuring a seamless home buying experience.

The Professionals

1) A Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Professional (that's us)
2) A Real Estate Agent
3) An Appraiser or Home Inspector

4) A Lawyer (commonly referred to as a solicitor during the process)

The Process

1) Getting Pre Approved. 

-The first step in the process is filling in our Mortgage Application.

-You can find it here ---->

-Our Mortgage Application is state of the art, and using AI smart technology, depending on the data you enter, it will tell you which documents we will be needing from you.  It will provide you an upload link, or, you can email them to me directly at .

-Once we have the application, and your documents, we will obtain a pre approval letter for you which shows how much you can afford to spend on the purchase, and lock in a rate for 90-120 days.

My Mortgage Toolbox App

We Strongly encourage you to download our mobile app.  It's totally free, and has a huge library of information, calculators, and live mortgage rates on it.  Give it a try, it really is great!

2) Meeting with a Realtor and finding houses

-Next up you'll meet with a Real Estate Agent (we can recommend one if you haven't already found one), who will start sending you listings by email or text, when you find a house you like, you can arrange to view it.  Once you find the right house, you can comfortably make an offer on it, knowing you are pre approved and we have reviewed all of your documents.

Very Important Note for Home Buyers....we strongly urge you to put a condition of "subject to financing" on all offers.  This enables you to get your deposit back, and walk away from the purchase if suddenly financing cannot be arranged.  While you do have a pre approval, life happens.  Job losses, or unusual circumstances can lead to changes on mortgage applications.  For your protection we urge you to add a subject to financing condition.

3)  Your offer was Accepted!

-Once your offer is accepted, it's time for us to get to work.  The realtor will either provide you a copy of the fully executed offer to purchase with any and all addendums, or they can provide it to us directly.  They'll also provide the MLS listing, and in most cases a PDS, or property disclosure statement.

-We will now submit your application to a lender for approval.  Keep in mind, rates change all the time, so we may not end up using the same lender who pre approved you, if we find a promotional rate elsewhere.  We work for you to find the product and rate that makes the most sense for you.

4)  Mortgage Approved.

Once the mortgage is approved, we will sign a bunch of documents together.  Some of the most common ones will be :

  • Mortgage Commitment (or mortgage approval, same thing)

  • Manitoba Disclosure Statement

  • Pre Authorized Debit Agreement

  • Mortgage Insurance - While not mandatory, we strongly urge you to take this insurance.  We have seen some very unfortunate circumstances in 15 years, and want to make sure you are protected should there be speed bumps in life.  Our Insurance is through Mortgage Protection Plan and covers you for Life and Disability.

The lender may request additional documents, or ask for an appraisal or home inspection to be done.  Should this be the case, we will guide you through the process.

5)  Lawyer Meeting "final signing"

Once the lender has approved all the documents, and we've satisfied all of their conditions, we will introduce you to a fantastic lawyer with great reviews.  You'll meet with them to sign the actual Mortgage Documents which are for land titles office.  You'll also provide them the remainder of your down payment and closing costs*, usually by bank draft.  On the day of possession, the lawyer will provide you the keys to your new home!

*Closing costs include costs such as lawyer fees, land titles fees, taxes and so on.  We usually estimate this to be approximately 1.75% of your purchase price.  Land transfer taxes normally being the bulk of the cost.

This may seem like a daunting task for a First Time Home Buyer, but don't worry, we'll guide you every step along the way.

Have some more questions?  Please reach out to me, I'm happy to answer any and all questions you may have.

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